BioScreener C Pro Software

BioScreener C Pro Software is designed for the new Bioscreen C Pro system. It is provided on a USB stick to insert into the user's computer. In just a few clicks, the software is automatically installed and the system is ready to run experiments.  Communication between the instrument and the software is done with normal TCP/IP protocol. The interface is an Ethernet connection.

The Bioscreen C Pro instrument now includes a touch screen. This enables the user to easily input stored protocols, pause experiments, change conditions, and view results in real time. It also makes it possible to remove the computer during the run. The computer can then be returned for data retrieval and analysis. BioScreener C Pro software provides all the benefits found in BioScreener C MBR software plus these:

• Expanded measurement range up to 4 OD

• Wider incubation temperature options from 15° to 65° C

• Three shaking modes plus ability to control intensity

BioScreener C Pro software works with Windows 10 operating system on a PC. It is included with the Bioscreener C Pro system.

BioScreener C MBR Software

BioScreener advanced software for Bioscreen C MBR is efficient, easy to use, and enhances system capabilities for optimum performance. It can report measurements from up to 200 wells, measuring at up to three different wavelengths in one test run. It provides important benefits:

• View growth curves in real time during the experiment

• Pause the experiment to change experimental conditions

• Select up to three different filters during the run

• Zoom in to magnify selected areas of the graph

• Safety feature prevents damage to the instrument’s lenses

BioScreener gives the user flexibility in designing, controlling, analyzing experiments.  User can select when the experiment is started, which wells to read, which filters to use, what temperatures to run, amount of shaking (amplitude, speed, and duration), intervals of measurement, and length of the run.

During the run, user can take readings, view curves from up to 50 wells, zoom in on sections of a curve, and change duration of the experiment.

Experimental results that are recorded include:  temperatures of top & bottom of the cassette, special actions in an event log, data page display, one page of results for each selected filter.

For information about evaluating BioScreener advanced software for Bioscreen C MBR, please e-mail us at or call Jack Gardner at (732) 457-9070.

Click here for the BioScreener Advanced Software data sheet.

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