The range of tests that can be run on Bioscreeen C Pro is virtually endless: miniaturized bioassays; measurement of effect of chemicals, pH, temperature and other parameters on micro-organisms; antibiotic susceptibility tests; QC of food (total count) and more. Growth of phage and suspended cell cultures also can be monitored by Bioscreen.

A user can dispense any micro-organism with any growth media, and monitor kinetically the culture growth (development of turbidity or color) in 200 wells at time. Most tests run in test tubes can be run automatically on Bioscreen.

  • Production and QC of food, water & wine
  • Pharmacy & veterinary
  • Environment, agriculture & industry
  • Molecularity, genomics & biotechnology
  • Biofuel & bioenergy
  • Antibiotics, disinfectants & preservatives
  • Wastewater, bioļ¬lm & pollutants
Some Specific Examples of Applications

  • Follow on a PC screen the growth (turbidity development) of 200 cultures simultaneously by simultaneous recording of growth curves parameters
  • Measure the total count of microorganisms of food samples.
  • Microbiological assays for measuring amount of vitamins, amino acids, antibiotics, disinfectants, toxicant, biostimulators, growth retardants.
  • Methods for production of microbiological protein from organic waste.
  • Develop new antimicrobial/antifungal agents.
  • Evaluate microbiological preservatives.
  • Monitor microbiological single-cell-protein (SCP) production processes.
  • For production of enzymes, proteins, fatty acids or other substances.
  • Evaluate wastewater treatment, biofilm, and activated sludge processes.
  • Find optimal conditions for biodegradation of pollutants.
  • Study microbiological processes at different temperatures.
  • Determine minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of antimicrobials.
  • Determine the lethal dose (LD) of antibiotics or other compounds.
  • Develop microorganisms with wanted characteristics.
  • Detect the presence and level of bacteriuria.
  • Measure the toxicity and potential mutagenicity of different compounds.
  • Study the metabolic processes of microorganisms and cells.
  • Study production processes of production of yogurt, beer, wine, foods.
  • Measure the combined effect of various parameters (e.g. pH, temperature, water activity, salt concentration, chemicals) on pure and mixed cultures.
  • Study the growth kinetics of bacteriophages (dropping growth curves)
  • Run LAL tests (limulus amoebocyte lysate gel assay) for endotoxin assay
  • Do mathematic modeling of microorganism, phage or cell growth
  • Develop selective or broad range growth media for microorganisms, cells.

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