Description and Specifications

The Bioscreen C Pro Automated Microbiology Growth Curve Analysis System directly measures microorganism growth. As microorganisms grow, they increase the turbidity of their growth medium. By measuring the turbidity of this medium over time, an optical density (O.D.) curve can be generated. The curve reflects the growth (increased concentration) of the organism of interest e.g. Aerobic bacteria, Anaerobic bacteria, Yeast, Mold, Microalgae, and Phage.

Bioscreen C Pro is a photometric microplate absorbance reader. It has a unique incubator which provides constant temperatures to all wells at a controlled temperature. This is essential for developing high quality growth curves. It has three different shaking modes: linear, orbital and double-orbital shaking. The operator can control the intensity of shaking in each mode. It has a sensitive reader that measures turbidity, a technique more sensitive than a spectrophotometer. The reader is equipped with wide-band filter plus three other filters to measure specific wavelengths. Two covered honeycomb plates may be run at one time, making it possible to run 200 samples simultaneously. Turbidometric measurements are made kinetically during the course of the run. Data is exported to a PC, and subsequently processed to generate growth curves, plotting O.D. vs. time.


BioScreener Pro software is installed on a customer-provided PC (Windows 10). The computer communicates with the instrument to create experiment protocols and analyze results of the experiment. It can view experiments during the run, manage device settings, pre-heat or pre-cool the samples, view experiment status, pause the experiment, then download results. The touch screen allows you to bring up stored protocols, set up the experiment, look at experiment progress, and view needed information.

Honeycomb Microplate

The organism of interest and any growth medium are manually dispensed using a multichannel pipette into wells of a special honeycomb microplate. This 10 x 10 well plate is designed to provide a uniform temperature across each of the 100 wells in the plate. A fitted plate lid with special characteristics eliminates troublesome condensation and evaporation, which often interferes with O.D. readings with conventional 96-well plates.

Model #: 61400PRO
Detection Mode: Absorbance
Light source: Xenon flash-lamp
Detector: Photodiode Photodiode
Measurement Range: 0 - 4 OD @ 600 nm
Wavelength Range: 360 - 900 nm
Filters: Wideband (400-600nm) included. Additional filters can be purchased and chosen from 450, 492, 540, 580 & 750 nm ones. Others on special request
Incubation Temperature: 15 - 65°C / 9°C below ambient up to +65°C
Resolution: 0,001 OD
Shaking: Linear, Orbital, Double-Orbital
Microplate Format: 100-well Honeycomb 2 Microplate with a lid
Gas Connectors: In / Out Quick Connectors, 6 & 4 mm tubing.
Computer Interface: Ethernet
Dimensions: 300 x 595 x 440 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 26,6 kg
Software: BioScreener Pro SW (included)
PC Operating System: Windows 10
Manufactured by: Oy Growth Curves Ab Ltd.
Telekatu 12, 20360 TURKU Finland


Click here for the Bioscreen C Pro data sheet.

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