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This page is designed for users of the Bioscreen C Automated Growth Curve Analysis System. Itís a way to share information, ideas, and suggestions to make your research more productive. Please send your ideas and suggestions to and we will make them available to other users.

Discover a new mutation.
Researchers at Cornell University were surprised to discover a mutation of a familiar organism that they did not know existed. When examining the results of an overnight Bioscreen run, they saw a decline in the growth curve followed by a rapid increase. Further examination revealed that the organism had mutated to a new form. The unusual growth curve shape that Bioscreen C plotted was the only way they could have observed this change.

Colored templates prevent errors.
University of Rochester Department of Oral Biology works with many variations of sample additives in a single Bioscreen C run. It is easy to make a mistake when filling the wells. To resolve this problem, a creative researcher copied the plate map from the Bioscreen Users Manual, then color-coded the wells to represent the different samples she was running. Then she placed this color map under the honeycomb plate so she could easily visualize which samples to place in each well. Problem solved!

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