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The first Bioscreen C system was launched 30 years ago by Labsystems Oy (Helsinki Finland). They modified a microplate reader to overcome the problems of evaporation, condensation, and temperature stability that plagued microbiologists who used conventional plate readers. It has become the standard for automated measurement of microbiology growth curves, proving its reliability, durability and value in over 600 labs worldwide.

The Bioscreen C business was acquired by Oy Growth Curves AB In 2002. Since then, there have been many improvements in system function. BioScreener software was introduced in 2011, offering significant user advantages (click here for data sheet). It is now available for systems equipped with EZExperiment software.

Bioscreen C customers are in university research, government agencies, and Industrial research labs. Bioscreen C is a workhorse tool for generating the data needed to build and support intellectual property claims in the field of Industrial Microbiology. A recent search identified 36 patents and 84 patent applications involving Bioscreen C . These were in areas as diverse as biofuel or solvent production, vaccine research, pharmacological drug discovery, development of antimicrobials for food or clinical applications. This highlights its usefulness in Industrial research.

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